Resistance May Be Overcome Through The Process

Of Subtraction Or Distillation, Addition Or Expansion

And  Augmentation,  And  Finally  Neutralization  Which

Is A Process  Of  Synchronization.  The First Two Of  These

Processes – Distillation And Augmentation – Are

Interchangeable In The Sense That They Can Both

Lead To The Third Process Which Is Neutralization &

Synchronicity. These First Two Are Not Independent Of

Each  Other ,  But  Are  Part  And  Parcel  Of  An  Overall

Methodological Approach Towards The Transformation Of

 Consciousness.  We  Augment  Consciousness  Through

Acquiring  Knowledge,  We  Distill  The  Contents  Of

Knowledge Through Experience. Through The Vehicle

Of  Consciousness Itself  We Can Enhance This Process By

Becoming Aware Of Personal Affinity Or Magnetism Towards

Certain Types Of Cognitive Platforms Which Are The Gates Towards



5 Responses to “d+a={N/S}”

  1. YES!…To Tip Toe the tightwwire of tension with grace…threads spun with cunning… Separation, synchronicity, and then synthesis in becoming!

  2. BeautyFully Spoken … BLOOD … K.11

  3. The null class, inherently part of the world class yet cancelling out the world class at the same time, leaves the true void. Embrace the great all nothing. Embrace utter negation. Dissolve. Disexist. Let your plane(s) find you.

  4. … SOOTH SUSAN …

  5. Joey Ethridge Says:

    Ivanna see da 3000! Looks like a really cool thumbnail image, mmmm curiosity

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